Thomas A. Cashen

Pipe Organ Curator

2771 Monument Road

Suite 29, #215

Jacksonville, Florida 32225

(904) 446-8863





v  Pipe Organ Tuning Contrary to popular conception, tuning a pipe organ is not a mysterious art. While effective pipe organ tuning requires an understanding of the use of the organ and the environment in which it is installed, an instrument stabilized according to common practice is easily and cost effectively maintained with regularly scheduled touch-up tuning.

v  Pipe Organ Maintenance Pipe organs are built to last decades, if not centuries. Regular pipe organ maintenance assures the longevity of the instrument while deferring the need for major repair work.

v  Pipe Organ Service When repairs are needed, they may range from a broken tracker to the trouble shooting of a solid state switching system. In every case, an effective plan is developed to perform the work in a way that is most productive, yet at the same time, least intrusive to the instrument and the budget.

v  Pipe Organ Rebuilding The underlying beauty of the pipe organ is its durability. If an instrument has become undependable, there is nothing that cannot be either fixed or replaced with modern materials. A rebuilding project will necessarily involve careful coordination, but will represent an efficient and cost effective use of materials.


Tom Cashen has been involved in the Pipe Organ industry since 1976. After serving an apprenticeship with Philip J. Swartz (who eventually became vice-president of The Reuter Organ Company), he spent several years as a staff tuner for Klug and Schumacher Organ Company of Lakeland, Florida. When the organ building bug bit, he trained with Pieter Visser at Visser-Rowland Associates, and has since worked in the drafting rooms at Austin Organs, Inc., and The Reuter Organ Company as a designer and project coordinator. Since relocating to his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, he is providing first quality pipe organ service to Florida and Georgia.